About Us

The Forum Alliance is one of the first Supercell forum-exclusive clans in the game. The Alliance started in May 2014 with Forum Bound and quickly grew to a family of 4 clans catering to players at different stages of the game. Forum Rising, Forum Bound, and Forum Striking now make up the feeder system of the Alliance, with Forum Soaring as an alternative farming clan for dedicated farmers.
We have a diverse mix of players coming from all places around the world, of different ages and genders. The Forum Alliance is a place where players can come to have fun and learn about the art of Clashing.

Excellent War Records

We war to win. But many clans do. What makes us difference is that we encourage and are always giving tips to our clan mates to make them better and stronger Clashers!

Automated Reservation System

We use an automated reservation system which is on our exclusive forum. Our system is always maintained and poses no security concerns!

Private Clan Family Forum

We are one of the only clans out there that have invested lots of money into having a forum especially for our family. Our forum is used for clan communications and we also encourage people to meet others on it. We also run competitions and events through our forums at times!

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the Forum Alliance all you have to do is post an application on our recruitment thread which is linked below. Once you submit your reply a representative will private message you with the password to join the Forum Alliance clans. We have this process so that we can eliminate global trolls and keep our clans mature and drama free. We do not have age requirements but we ask that all members treat others with respect.

THE FORUM ALLIANCE! *Bound*Rising*Striking*- Forum Based clan family!  - Recruiting Thread.